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Struggling to bridge your facilities? Working in silos? Need remote access in the Cloud?

Xchange is a Web based, enterprise-ready software platform that offers single and multi-site operations global access to their content and workflows. When combined with the rest of the FORK suite of products, it seamlessly integrates file-based workflows with signal-based infrastructures – giving you a clear path as you evolve your workflows and facilities over time.

Package Contains:

NEW Features and capabilities include:


  • VR/360 Asset Management Support
  • Re-designed upload module includes batch uploading, drag and drop, and one click upload.
  • Upload and attach files into existing media and keep the relationship for future search or archiving of projects.
  • Clip Summary Download: Export filtered lists of your media with metadata for reviewing online or print for a more traditional hard copy review.
  • Publish to SoundCloud, YouTube, and Vimeo using native APIs.
  • Render OTT distribution-ready file formats for Xbox, Playstation, AppleTV, Roku.
  • Native MXF support, including XDCAM, XAVC in an Op1a wrapper.
  • 4K codec support with H.264, ProRes, XDCAM, XAVC, DNxHD.

Under The Hood Improvements:

  • Full 64-bit Server Backend with 64-bit Database, 64-bit Web server, 64-Bit Proxy Rendering.
  • Searches are over 100% faster, for significantly improved system responsiveness.
  • Enhanced Security: API calls and media requests have token-based security.

Other features and capabilities include:

  • Xchange Activity Tracking:  Keep track of activity such as play count, rating, comment count, marker count, and subclip count.
  • Xchange Rating System: Users can use a 5-star rating system to mark content.
  • Xchange Enhanced Searching : Users can search and sort by activity and rating values, providing a rich set of media results.
  • Xchange Fast Start: Begin working with media while it is processed in the background.
  • User Bins: Users can organize media by simply dragging and dropping items into an Xchange Bin
  • Xchange Downloader: Allows users to download source content in order to edit final packages locally, with the ability to choose among multiple qualities to download.
  • Xchange Partial File Download: Users can download sections of media, allowing faster download workflows and eliminating the need to download entire media.
  • Manage, filter and analyze clips
  • Instant access to view content from the FORK Production Server
  • Accessible through the Web on any PC or iOS devices
  • Execute commands directly to the FORK Production Server
  • Edit clip information including producer, editor, notes, geo-location, markers and any other metadata fields
  • Perform advanced queries to quickly find and edit clips
  • Smart Bins with preset query fields that will automatically organize media
  • HTML5 Media Player
  • Time Coded Playback/Marker Creation
  • Multi-track audio and video
  • User and group rights and permissions management
  • Work offline

With the Xchange client users now have access to a powerful set of tools anywhere they have internet access. The Xchange suite of applications opens with Xplore – producers in the field can now view, edit and add meta-data and create markers on the proxy content in the cloud – and it all automatically syncs back to your main FORK database. Multi-site users can utilize FORK Xchange™ for transferring media from one FORK Production Server environment to another and utilizing the latest enhanced file transfer technology it all happens at an incredible speed. Yahoo! Studios, USC Annenberg, VICE Media, Albavision, Clio TV, and Radio and TV Marti are just a few of the media enterprises around the world that use Xchange for their daily production workflows. For the enterprise, Xchange v3.0 extends workflows to remotely connected users and facilities, a benefit that streamlines operations and reduces the time and cost of producing content. Users see direct benefits through ease of operation, increased quality of service, increased speed of workflow, and added functionality in remotely connected environments.

Package Contains:


  • Transfer content between facilities
  • Easily access content anywhere
  • Edit rough-cuts
  • Centralize media produced in multiple locations
  • Edit metadata and create markers
  • Control workflows such as approvals, archiving, and distribution
  • Playback media containing multitrack audio and multiple frame rates
  • Seamless hybrid cloud/ground workflows that connect all technologies
  • Highly scalable and CDN-ready platform with an API-based open architecture
  • Actions Monitor for detailed tracking of actions throughout the facility workflow
  • Improved communication and resolution of process requests
  • A global view of the tasks and processes that are underway

Primestream’s Xchange solution has proven itself by delivering more than 20,000 hours of programming amounting to more than 85,000 assets for industry-leading media organizations. Xchange offers broadcast, government, entertainment, and corporate markets complete control and unmatched portability over production workflows — whether creating news packages, logging reality TV footage, editing, or sending video for review and approval. Xchange seamlessly integrates with FORK’s Media Asset Management environment, allowing producers and editors to work collaboratively both inside the production facility or while on the road.