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  • Claudio Lisman

    President and CEO

    Mr. Lisman founded Primestream after more than 30 years of practice as an entrepreneur in the field of broadcast and telecommunications. His responsibilities have included implementing broadcast and communications systems and the development of advanced video solutions for leading broadcasting and telecom companies worldwide.

  • David Schleifer

    Chief Operating Officer

    A 25-year veteran of the technology industry, David Schleifer previously held the positions at Avid Technology, where he built and managed the business strategy for the Media & Entertainment market. Over his career, Mr. Schleifer has been responsible for the development and introduction of many revolutionary products such as Avid Interplay and Avid iNEWS Instinct. Mr. Schleifer is responsible for worldwide operations, as well as the alignment and prioritization of Primestream, ensuring operational excellence across the company.

  • Jochem Vos

    Chief Technology Officer

    Mr. Vos is the chief technology officer of Primestream in charge of the continued development of the FORK software suite. Prior to joining Primestream in 2010, Mr. Vos co‐founded Building4Media in 1996 and was critical to the development of the FORK suite, pioneering a number of aspects of software use for broadcast media applications.

  • Warren Arenstein

    VP of Business Development

    Mr. Arenstein has more than 25 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. As an editor/producer he achieved top‐level positions during his career, including chief editor for CBS Moscow and senior editor/producer for National Geographic. As the Media Operations Manager for CNN’s Washington office, Mr. Arenstein implemented the transition from analog to file‐based workflow for CNN’s most active bureau.

  • Daniel Formica

    VP of Engineering

    Mr. Formica has substantial media and IT experience, including serving as Information Technology Architect for Telefonica US, where he handled top‐tier clients, including Sony, and also supported and supervised the American Operations of Telefonica Terra Networks, where he implemented advanced streaming and new media services.

  • Tang Kanjanapitak

    Sr. Product Manager

    At Primestream, Mr. Kanjanapitak is responsible for design and implementation of sophisticated, file‐based automation and asset management systems. Prior to joining Primestream, Mr. Kanjanapitak was a Senior Digital Media Engineer at Discovery Communications Latin America.