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Primestream Releases FORK Logger 1.0 AT IBC 2012

September 07, 2012

New Built-In Module For FORK 3.5 Helps Content Owners Tag Video With Metadata Flexibly and Quickly Through Customizable GUI

Primestream®, a leader in advanced media asset management and broadcast automation software, today announced FORK™ Logger, a new cross platform module part of the acclaimed FORK Production Suite 3.5. FORK Logger is a powerful metadata-tagging tool that allows for logging live or prerecorded video. The module’s tightly integrated and configurable user interface enables content loggers to easily tag video with defined metadata into the FORK environment – making assets easier to manage, automate and ultimately monetize.

“Content owners understand that their video archive is only as good as the descriptive metadata that goes into it, said Claudio Lisman, Primestream|B4M president and CEO. The driving force behind FORK Logger was to create a quick a highly configurable, user-friendly application built inside FORK for metadata tagging. While most logging products focus on one sport or market, FORK Logger’s interface is completely customizable, so it can be designed and configured to look how our customers would want it.”

At the heart of the FORK Logger is a dynamic graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI contains form panels, button panels, video viewers, marker thumbnail lists, and a bin list of created events, all of which are tools that can be combined, many in a dynamic way, based on the content. The Logger supports multiple layouts per system. Users can work live with ingesting feeds, or can call up existing clips inside FORK. With FORK Logger, users can log video files so that they can be searched, filtered, and organized by any metadata entry inside FORK Content Navigator, FORK’s media asset manager. They can log key information using a FORK-generated proxy or high-res video, and the Logger creates FORK markers and subclips that can be seen and used across the FORK platform.

As with FORK Content Navigator™, more than one user can log the same clip at the same time, and all created events will be accesible instantly by the other loggers or FORK users.

“The variety of configurations and the ability to change the interface dynamically based on the data/context makes FORK Logger unlike any other metadata tool on the market,” Lisman said. “It means a broadcaster’s assets will have more – and more accurate – metadata, making them easier and faster to monetize.”

Any FORK client can become a Logger; no special station is required.  Available for both Mac and Windows OS.