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Primestream® Launches M2A™ iPhone Application at IBC 2010

September 10, 2010

Mobile2Air® iPhone app extends FORK Production Suite to the field for News and Sports Broadcasters

Primestream, a leader in advanced broadcast and IT solutions, announced Mobile2Air, an Apple iPhone® app that seamlessly integrates remote field reporting with Primestream's FORK™ Production Suite, the powerful cross platform (Mac and Windows) production automation software for news and sports reporting.

Mobile2Air enables recording and uploading of videos securely from the iPhone® 3GS and iPhone 4 mobile devices to any broadcast facility equipped with Building4Media's FORK Production Suite. Users can embed content and location metadata and select compression rates for video up to full 720p HD. Mobile2Air also includes a companion app on the iPad® to issue assignments, manage media by shoot location and chat between reporters and producers.

"New devices such as the iPhone are delivering high quality content for mobile reporting," said Claudio Lisman, CEO, Primestream. "Mobile2Air is high performance broadcast software for the iPhone.  Mobile2Air extends FORK's powerful end-to-end platform to allow broadcasters to deliver content to viewers almost as quickly as it is recorded in the field. When we acquired Building4Media last year, Primestream's strategy was to extend FORK's powerful platform, which is based on the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Mobile2Air is the first of many new offerings we will be bringing to the FORK platform."

Mobile2Air and FORK

More than just another iPhone app, Mobile2Air is professional broadcast software that extends your newsroom automation system to the field. Mobile2Air takes videos recorded on the iPhone and passes them over cost-effective 3G and Wi-Fi networks to the FORK Production Suite. Uploaded video content is converted to the house codec on the fly, maintaining all the original metadata, which makes it immediately organized and searchable within FORK. It can then be delivered directly to the FORK "Live Assist" module for immediate on-air playback or to Apple Final Cut Pro® editing software for finishing-quality editing.

Building4Media's proven broadcast IT automation with Final Cut Pro enables a workflow that is easy to set up, manage and use. Each iPhone device is uniquely registered and granted access, which provides security and two-way data communication without the need to download the software from the iTunes Store®. Each app can be custom configured and branded for each client, maintaining a professional level of control by the broadcaster.

MountainWest Sports Network and ANDINA Endorse Mobile2Air
"Primestream has taken an already great product global," said Tom Scholle, operations engineer at MountainWest Sports Network, a Comcast and CBS partnership property. "The MountainWest Sports Network uses FORK and its associated products to ingest, log, playout, manage, and archive the content of all of its live events, studio shows, and original programming. We also worked with Primestream to publish media directly to our website, live and on demand. In the future The MountainWest Sports Network looks forward to working with Primestream on mobile offerings, including the use of Mobile2Air."

ANDINA TV in Peru used Mobile2Air during the FIFA World Cup to bring compelling content to enhance their coverage of the event. According to ANDINA TV, Building4Media's Mobile2Air made this level of reporting, logging and editing more stable and efficient for their team. It also allowed them to save thousands of dollars by leveraging inexpensive and widely available 3G and Wi-Fi networks. In addition, the security features of Mobile2Air ensured that their award-winning content was secure all the way from reporting to editing and distribution.

About Primestream:
Primestream is a leader in the design and implementation of broadcast automation solutions that feature the FORK suite of software products. FORK Production, FORK Playout and Mobile2Air deliver an end-to-end production platform that includes digital acquisition of live and file-based content, media asset management, editing, archiving, streaming, and pushing content to multiple screens and devices. The Primestream platform is currently providing news, sports, entertainment educational and emergency broadcast services to clients across 37 countries and over 300 on-air channels, including media giants such as CBS Sports, CNN, NYSE, NASCAR, NFL, CNBC, Liverpool Soccer Club, Reuters, L.A. Dodgers, Star News India, SunTV, RTL and MountainWest Sports Network at the Comcast Media Center. For more information about Primestream's solutions and services, visit us at


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