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Primestream Introduces FORK Production Suite v4.6

March 12, 2014

Primestream® today announced FORK™ Production Suite v4.6, an upgrade to its acclaimed software platform for media asset management (MAM) and production automation. FORK v4.6 features the U.S. premier of Workflow Manager™ v1.0, a new add-on module for designing internal video production processes across multiple departments of an organization. Simplifying task management enables content creators to focus on decision-making, communicating, and creating — while connecting administrators, engineers, and support staff to the workflow for staying informed and controlling the efficiency of the production process. FORK 4.6 with Workflow Manager is suited for all IT infrastructures, including broadcast, postproduction, and corporate enterprise.


FORK v4.6 also provides deeper third-party integrations and powerful new modules that further simplify the process of live and file-based ingest, editing, logging, distributing, and archiving content for broadcasters, postproduction houses, production facilities, and corporate media departments. These enhancements combine to ensure that users can perform edit-while-capture on all three major nonlinear editing (NLE) platforms to enable faster turnaround times, with increased ability to interact and collaborate.


“Deep integration with a MAM is something that existing craft editors have long needed, because the days of working in an edit room in isolation are gone, and collaborative editing is now essential to a media company’s bottom line. At the same time, editors have to be able to edit in near-real time in order to meet the demand for quick-turn content,” said Claudio Lisman, Primestream president and CEO. “With FORK 4.6, we’ve optimized the software so that the FORK MAM works more intimately with the most popular NLEs and ensures that users can work without waiting for content to finish ingesting. This capability means that media operations with tight deadlines can reduce the time it takes to turn content around and, with the time they save, create better stories — interactively, collaboratively, and without sacrificing quality.”


FORK 4.6 is designed to be more connected and foster more two-way communication with popular craft editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and Creative Cloud), Avid® Media Composer, and Apple® Final Cut® Pro X. The integrations support edit-while-capture workflows for sports, news, entertainment, and corporate video operations to pair these industry-leading NLEs with the benefits of the FORK MAM and automation platform for I/O, logging, tagging, proxy editing, workflow management, and archiving.


FORK 4.6 also features expanded APIs that enable new archiving workflows with SGL, Quantum, and Atempo, enabling FORK users to browse, search, and filter archived content inside their off-line storage solutions all from within the FORK Content Navigator™ MAM.


FORK is available for Mac® and Windows® operating systems as well as hybrid environments.


The new version will be available in the second half of 2014. Pricing is available through local resellers and integrators or directly from Primestream at